I am an artist living in the Hemel en Aarde Valley outside of Hermanus, South Africa
I live very close to the earth and am wildly inspired by nature to create my art works.
I am busy working on building up a tapestry collection during 2021, one stitch at a time, layer by layer fearlessly working to stitch my reality of the world together as all else falls away.

I also paint in oils, plein air landscape paintings, working very closely with Nature to capture my impasto style oil paintings. I believe that the creative process is sacred and I love to work into the art pieces intuitively in the creative zone.

I would like the people who see my work to be moved to a place deep within themselves and to feel their own connection on a very primal level.

Exhibiting my work at Barbara Lindop’s gallery, Intethe, in Hermanus.

Available for commissions and I send my work all over the world, my prices exclude postage cost.

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